Financial services

Main service items:

  1. Outsourcing and accounting services

DOBA not only assists clients in preparing annual financial reports, but also assists clients in managing their entire financial work. By outsourcing some daily and complicated tasks, customers can concentrate their time and energy on core business tasks.

The main service scope includes but not limited to:

◆Comprehensive accounting and tax declaration services

◆Cashier Outsourcing Service

◆Financial staff outsourcing services

  1. Financial advisory services

The DOBA consultant team has more than 10 years of experience in financial and tax services, and strives to provide enterprises with practical and feasible optimal solutions for financial and tax problems encountered in the process of enterprise development.

The main service scope includes but not limited to:

◆Corporate daily routine financial consulting

◆Financial ERP system configuration

◆Inventory management

◆Establishment and improvement of internal control system

◆Major asset disposal or scrap plan

  1. Personalized value-added services

With the development of the scale of the enterprise, strategic operations such as external financing, IPO, mergers and acquisitions are required, and the DOBA consultant team provides corresponding services for the enterprise.

The main service scope includes but not limited to:

◆Business plan writing

◆Cleaning up messy accounts before IPO

◆ IPO, NEEQ, and Stock Exchange Center Consultancy Services

◆Writing of due diligence report on mergers and acquisitions

◆Assist in participating in external financing negotiations

◆Corporate Investment and Financing Consultant

  1. Assurance service

DOBA relies on cooperating accounting firms, tax accountants, appraiser firms, and law firms to provide corresponding assurance services for enterprises.

The main service scope includes but not limited to:

◆Annual and special audit reports

◆High-tech application special report

◆Assessment report on asset impairment loss

◆Income tax verification report

◆Special report on deduction of R&D expenses

◆Concurrent report

◆Capital verification report

◆Evaluation report

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